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Bakery Offerings

A small sample of our weekly items


Our basic sourdough takes 24-36 hours to prepare. It has a mild sourdough flavor and a great chew. We use the basic sourdough as the basis for the cinnamon raisin, parmesan black pepper, and rosemary breads. We also offer a variation of sourdough for our pizza dough. 

Sandwich, Rye, and Specialty Breads
Our regular sandwich breads are honey-oat, old mill, and mountain white. Of course, we also regularly offer breads made from rye, including a dark pumpernickel and a farmhouse country loaf. In addition, we offer a fantastic chocolate-coconut boule and a sweet selection of cinammon rolls, pecan rolls, orange rolls, Portuguese sweet breads, and other breakfast items. Our weekly email provides more details. 


But how could we run a bakery without desserts!?

We like bold flavors not only in our breads but also in our treats. Try our ginger cookies, salted caramel meringues, key lime pudding, and other fun cookies and treats inspired by Christina Tosi and other NY bakers. We have a hard time settling on just a few, so the weekly offering changes regularly, but we promise the favorites will return. 


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